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Our Publications

The AUA newsletter is an English and French bi-monthly publication. Through brief reports, it summarizes the AUA`s activities as well as those of its Member Countries, Working Bodies and partner organizations. It also contains information related to the African countries architectural works and achievement, and announces the major current architectural events worldwide and through the continent....more

Welcome to the Africa Union of Architects official website
Our Mission

The aim of the Afica Union of Architects is to create, among architects, ties based on friendship, understanding and mutual esteem to enable them to confront their ideas and concepts

share their experience, broaden their knowledge, and learn from their differences in order to better fulfill their role in the improvement of Man`s living conditions and environment.

The main objectives of the Africa Union of Architects are:

  • To unite the architects of the continent on a democratic basis.
  • To represent architects of African and governmental levels.
  • To promote architects` creative, technical and cultural talents and the services they provide to the public.
  • To defend the rights and status of architects in every country.
  • To ensure the continued development of professional methods while respecting the specificity of different communities.
  • To promote new technologies and encourage new ideas and concepts in architectural design.
  • To promote an awareness and preservation of the African architectural heritage.
  • To promote multi-disciplinary exchange between architects themselves and other professionals.
  • To give the needed assistance to architects` professional structures in developing countries
  • To promote architectural education and facilitate exchange among architects, students and teachers of architecture worldwide.